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A Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan, We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Bible in This Matter Folks

November 9, 2008

Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan:

We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Reformation Bible
in This Mato it’s Back to the Gold, Silver and Copper

This is to revise my previous food based currency idea back to a traditional gold, silver, copper based system.
After studying the things used as money in the 1611 King James Reformation Bible I determined that a Food based currency would not be up to the Biblical shandard for honest money that keeps the eighth of the Lord’s Commandments (Thou shalt NOT steal) where the “stealing” issues of store of value are concerned. This is because food is cinsumed and eaten and this aspect of it makes it a net value LOSER just as fiat money is.

Basically I came up with the idea of a food based currency largely because the most popular metals for money, gold, silver and copper are largely owned by the Pope, his Knighthood Orders, The Jesuit Order and the Illuminati who manipulate the “spot” prices of those metals to drive people out of the markets for them. However the “spot” price is just simply a device by these wicked people to deny the roll of these three metals as money, In fact THE ONLY MONEY THAT THE 1611 KING JAMES REFORMATION BIBLE ALLOWS FOR AND ACCEPTS AS HONEST. Everything else, fiat currencies issued in either a Debt or a “Social Credit” basis, food based currencies, land based currencies, etc. is VENUSIAN and DISHONEST.



An Act of Treason was Committed Tonight Barack Obama Elected President By the JESUIT ORDER

November 5, 2008

An Act of Treason was Committed Tonight
Barack Obama Elected President By the JESUIT ORDER

An act of Treason was committed tonight, Constitutional TREASON against the very Constitution itself. The treason is this. A probable ILLEGAL ALIEN who has NEVER proven legitimate citizenship in this nation or his parentage, Barack Hussein Obama was made our new President against the spacific Constitutional requirement that a President be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the United States. This act of treason was comitted by a MILITARY order of the Roman Catholic Church known as the so called “Society of Jesus” or more popularly the Jesuit Order and their Coadjutors or more properly Quislings in the media, particularly the Tell-A-Lie Vision system, and in our court system through an economic collapse caused by Investment Banks and the “Federal” Reserve system which are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Jesuit Order and their inbred Illuminati Coadjutors. The purpose of electing Barack Obama to the presidency is to further the Jesuit Order’s purpose to enact and enforce the Roman Catholic COUNCIL OF TRENT in America and totally eliminate the Bill of Rights and the genuine Protestent Christianity based on the 1611 King James Reformation Bible both of which go against the Council of Trent whose basic purpose is to restore the Temporal (SECULAR) authority of the Roman Catholic Pope as SECULAR KING as well as spiritual leader over the entire world.


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October 29, 2008

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