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Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind Makes HITERITE STATEMENT!!!

May 9, 2009

“Well from a certain angle I agree with him but from a civilisation modern city point of view. A city like Birmingham and New York are skin cancers of puss and shit on the Earth’s skin. We’re spreading and the Earth will need to detox soon to rid the puss and start again. It’s no different to a Cancer patient deciding to hammer its problem. Thats how I think of it. If we lived the natural life then we wouldn’t be a problem to Earth and she would provide for us everything we need. You’ll see multiple Liver Flushes coming Earth’s way as in Volcanos ha.” 

 I found this statement by the Tony Almao supporting owner of the Unhived Mind while doing some spy work there today. Does this statement mean that fart from “Unhiving” his forum members’ minds that he is in fact HIVING them to the euthanasia-depopulationist doctrines of NATIONAL SOCIALISM????!!!!!! I’m really thinking that Craig Oxley is trying to become the next Tony Alamo on the way to becomming the next ADOLPH HITLER!!!! This Unhived Mind site truely bears continued watching for anybody concerned about both cult and NATIONAL SOCIALIST activity. I will be moving my own Patriot City sites away from strict Anti Catholicism in the future and dedicating them to the exposure of these NEO NAZI culties like Craig Oxley, Thomas Richards, Tony Alamo, the Jehovah’s Witnese, Neo Armstrongism the Illuminati and other threats to our Individual freedoms here in America.


Yet More OCCULT Loopyness from Alamo Supporter Craig Oxley and The Two questions he HAS to Answer

January 16, 2009

Not even the miraculous air crash with no fatalities in New York City today is immune from Tony Alamo Supporter Craig Oxley’s occult loopyness. He is saying the plane was deliberately crashed as a signal to the Illuminati/Jesuits to begin the full depression phase of the current economic collapse and the false “Bird Flu” pandemic in his The Unhived Mind Forum.

However Mr. Oxley still refuses to answer the following questuions regarding Tony Alamo and the Tell-A-Lie Vision on his forum.

Question 1:
Craig Oxley, If Tony Alamo is not a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor set up to make 1611 King James Bible Christianity look bad then why was he allowed time on at least two Tell-A-Lie Vision stations in the 1970s. Remember Craig you say yourself that getting Tell-A-Lie Vision time is what condemns your more famous competing Conspiracy exposer Alex Jones as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor. WHY does the same Standard you place on Alex Jones NOT apply to Tony Alamo.
“And the “he is only on the radio now.” excuse does not fly either. as far as station ownership is concerned Radio is only the Tell-A-Lie Vision without the fancy pictures.

Question 2:
Why is the Tony Alamo child sex and abuse case curerently immune from the Tell-A-Lie Vision’s coverage on a national basis when it has the same ratings grabbing potential as the Kaley Anotony child murder case which is being exploited to the hilt on the Tell-A-Lie Vision.

This mis the second time I had to spam these questions to get an answer from you Craig and since unlike Alamo culties I don’t like to spam it will be the LAST.

You have TWENTY FOUR HOURS to answer these questions in THe Unhived Mind or you will have exposed YOURSELF as a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and a supporter of a SEXUAL PERVERT, Tony Alamo set up as a “world pastor” spacifically for the purpose of sheepleizing his members and making GENUINE 1611 King James Bible Christianity look bad in the public eye. You should be ashamed to have the Name of Alberto Revera on your forum. This former Jesuit EXPOSED phony 1611 King James Bible Protestents put in place to make the GENUINE ones look bad. you SUPPORT THEM. If the questions regarding Tony Alamo and his relationship to the Tell-A-Lie Vision are not answered in TWENTY FOUR HOURS Mr. Oxley you will be PUBLICALLY EXPOSED in the Patriot City Blog and the Patriot City Forum as a JESUIT TEMPORAL COADJUTOR and a supporter of a SEXUAL PERVERT who’se spacific mission and the reason for which he was set up is to make 1611 King James Bible Christianity look bad in the public eye.

This messafe will also be posted to the Patriot City Blog and the Patriot City Forum. If you prefer to answer the questions there I will allow it despite my usual policy against known Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors posting there.

A Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan, We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Bible in This Matter Folks

November 9, 2008

Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan:

We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Reformation Bible
in This Mato it’s Back to the Gold, Silver and Copper

This is to revise my previous food based currency idea back to a traditional gold, silver, copper based system.
After studying the things used as money in the 1611 King James Reformation Bible I determined that a Food based currency would not be up to the Biblical shandard for honest money that keeps the eighth of the Lord’s Commandments (Thou shalt NOT steal) where the “stealing” issues of store of value are concerned. This is because food is cinsumed and eaten and this aspect of it makes it a net value LOSER just as fiat money is.

Basically I came up with the idea of a food based currency largely because the most popular metals for money, gold, silver and copper are largely owned by the Pope, his Knighthood Orders, The Jesuit Order and the Illuminati who manipulate the “spot” prices of those metals to drive people out of the markets for them. However the “spot” price is just simply a device by these wicked people to deny the roll of these three metals as money, In fact THE ONLY MONEY THAT THE 1611 KING JAMES REFORMATION BIBLE ALLOWS FOR AND ACCEPTS AS HONEST. Everything else, fiat currencies issued in either a Debt or a “Social Credit” basis, food based currencies, land based currencies, etc. is VENUSIAN and DISHONEST.


The Barack Obama “Change” Symbol, Jesuitism, Fascism and Witchcraft

November 3, 2008

This article is for simultanious publication in the Patriot City Blog and The Unhived Mind Forum:

The Barack Obama “Change” Symbol, Jesuitism, Fascism and Witchcraft

Probably everybody looking at either of the sites this article is posted on will be familiar with the symbol above by now. It has been a CONSTANT feature of the Barack Obama presidential campaign since its first win in the Iowa Caucuses. However most know about as much about this mysterious symbol as they do about Obama himself. All we ever hear about it is that it stands for “change” and “hope” much as the candidate that uses it says about himself. The question becomes then WHAT kind of “change” and WHAT kind of hope is he talking about??? What little we know about Barack Obama would indicate that the kinf of “hope” and “change” he intends for America would be a real shocker even for a lot of those voting for him. SO many things about the man are questionable at best and treasonous at worst these being his actual national origin, his actual parents. his assocaitions and several poicies he has “flip-floped” on probably the most important being the Second Amendment and gun rights because of the direct tie between these issues and STATE MASS MURDER of either the GENOCIDAL or DEMOCIDAL type.


Obama Campaign for Change, A revival of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit/Internationalist FASCISM of obscure Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave

November 1, 2008

For Sumulultanious publication on The Unhived Mind forum and the Patriot City Blog

Obama Campaign for Change, A revival of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit/Internationalist FASCISM
of obscure Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave

From the first time I started studying it started seeing things form the Obama Campaign for Change that just simply didn’t add up for a typical Dem campaign. Probably the most important of these was the obvious replacement of the Democratic Donkey symbol which the party held for over a hundred years with this obviously “New Agey” neo pagan and FASCIST like symbol.

Obama Campaign for Change logo

When I very first saw this symbol the first thing that popped in to my mind (Having been a Scout when I was a kid
and being familiar with New Age and Roman/Fascist symbology) was that this was a cross between a Boy Scout Merit Badge and a “New Agey” version of a swastika free FASCIST symbol for uniform armbands. This symbol combined with the “Obama Kids” videos on You tube where children from Venice California are singing in what essentially are low budget POLITICAL UNIFORMS got me thinking that some type of the old uniformed FASCIST movements responsible for World War II and the Holocaust was being revived around the presonality cult of Barack Obama. The only question remaining to be answered was ecactly which of the 1930s vintage fascist parties was the one being revived by Obama and his Far Left LOON cultists.