Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind Makes HITERITE STATEMENT!!!

“Well from a certain angle I agree with him but from a civilisation modern city point of view. A city like Birmingham and New York are skin cancers of puss and shit on the Earth’s skin. We’re spreading and the Earth will need to detox soon to rid the puss and start again. It’s no different to a Cancer patient deciding to hammer its problem. Thats how I think of it. If we lived the natural life then we wouldn’t be a problem to Earth and she would provide for us everything we need. You’ll see multiple Liver Flushes coming Earth’s way as in Volcanos ha.” 

 I found this statement by the Tony Almao supporting owner of the Unhived Mind while doing some spy work there today. Does this statement mean that fart from “Unhiving” his forum members’ minds that he is in fact HIVING them to the euthanasia-depopulationist doctrines of NATIONAL SOCIALISM????!!!!!! I’m really thinking that Craig Oxley is trying to become the next Tony Alamo on the way to becomming the next ADOLPH HITLER!!!! This Unhived Mind site truely bears continued watching for anybody concerned about both cult and NATIONAL SOCIALIST activity. I will be moving my own Patriot City sites away from strict Anti Catholicism in the future and dedicating them to the exposure of these NEO NAZI culties like Craig Oxley, Thomas Richards, Tony Alamo, the Jehovah’s Witnese, Neo Armstrongism the Illuminati and other threats to our Individual freedoms here in America.


3 Responses to “Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind Makes HITERITE STATEMENT!!!”

  1. Douglas Willinger Says:

    Do you have a link to the above quote?

  2. Mr Flores Says:

    Any true patriot must understand that the greatest threat to the “SOVEREIGN CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is the VATICAN AND HER JESUITS. So are you saying Craig Oxley is really a closet catholic? I ask because you state that he is on his way to becoming the next hitler!!!! After all HITLER, MUSSOLINI, FRANCO, ANTE-PAVELIC ,PINOCHET, as well as jesuit trained Castro and many ,many others were/are all CATHOLIC DICTATORS. But don’t take my word for it!!!! READ THE BOOK ENTITLED “BEHIND THE DICTATORS” By former CATHOLIC PRIEST LEO H LEHMANN born in Dublin Ireland. Also read “SECRET HISTORY OF THE JESUITS” by Emond Paris and “VATICAN’S HOLOCAUST” and “VIETNAM WHY DID WE GO?” both by Avro Manhattan or “FIFTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME” by former CATHOLIC PRIEST Charles Chiniquy and “FOOT PRINTS OF THE JESUITS” by R. W. Thompson and “THE BLACK POPE” by former CATHOLIC NUN M. F. Cussack. And let’s not forget the bavarian “ILLUMINATI” was established by JESUIT PROFESSOR Adam Weishaupt!!!!! So if as you say you intend to move your “PATRIOT CITY” sites away from the “ILLUMINATI” and “NEO NAZI CULTIES” Then you must be the biggest anti-catholic hypocrite alive because the “ROMAN CATHOLIC INSTITUTION” is the the head of the “ILLUMINATI and NEO NAZI FASCISM” And for your information “Thomas Richards” is also a former “CATHOLIC” and so am I.

  3. reynaldsflores26 Says:

    He should not say it in the first place to avoid scandalous opinion.

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