Craig Oxley Continues to be a First Class DUFFLE-HEAD

It seems that Craig Oxley of the Unhived Mind still thinks I’m Michael Earp because of one of the names I use to post on and run forums and blogs. What a DUFFLE-HEAD this Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Craig Oxley is. I have NO blood connections with either Michael or Wyatt Earp and simply use the latter name because of my interests in Old Western history and movies. I’m basically a small time shareware programmer from the Sierra Nevada region of the Western United States with absolutely NO connection to law enforcement, Intellegence, the Military or anything else of that sort.

I wait for the time the REAL Michael Earp finds about Craig Oxley and his fellow Alamo culties and supporters find out about the degamation of his character that goes on at The Unhived Mind however. The REAL mike Earp is one of the Marshals involved in the Tony Alamo sexual perversion case in Arkansas and he would probably like to look into the goings on amongst the American posters at The Unhived Mind too (most of whom are Alamo supporters and culties led by the infamous Thomas Richards. Alamo’s number ONE Internet cultie). Then it will be time to sit back with the popcorn and watch the fun unfold.


One Response to “Craig Oxley Continues to be a First Class DUFFLE-HEAD”

  1. reynaldsflores26 Says:

    Let see… only time will tell and the truth will be revealed.

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