A Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan, We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Bible in This Matter Folks

Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan:

We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Reformation Bible
in This Mato it’s Back to the Gold, Silver and Copper

This is to revise my previous food based currency idea back to a traditional gold, silver, copper based system.
After studying the things used as money in the 1611 King James Reformation Bible I determined that a Food based currency would not be up to the Biblical shandard for honest money that keeps the eighth of the Lord’s Commandments (Thou shalt NOT steal) where the “stealing” issues of store of value are concerned. This is because food is cinsumed and eaten and this aspect of it makes it a net value LOSER just as fiat money is.

Basically I came up with the idea of a food based currency largely because the most popular metals for money, gold, silver and copper are largely owned by the Pope, his Knighthood Orders, The Jesuit Order and the Illuminati who manipulate the “spot” prices of those metals to drive people out of the markets for them. However the “spot” price is just simply a device by these wicked people to deny the roll of these three metals as money, In fact THE ONLY MONEY THAT THE 1611 KING JAMES REFORMATION BIBLE ALLOWS FOR AND ACCEPTS AS HONEST. Everything else, fiat currencies issued in either a Debt or a “Social Credit” basis, food based currencies, land based currencies, etc. is VENUSIAN and DISHONEST.

However I still believe that is permissable given the ammount of gold and silver especially available relative to current population that Peper currencies and credit currencies are acceptable AS LONG AS THEY ARE ISSUED USURY FREE ON A 100% RESERVE BASIS. (This means NO fractional reserve issuence above the amount of HONEST money
(Monetary metals accepted by the 1611 King James Reformation Bible as honest for this purpose, gold, silver, copper) the note or credit issuer holds.)

For an honest monetary system I would go with coinage for all the metals in the following denominations
1/10 ounce, 1/5, ounce, 1/4, ounce, 1/3 ounce and 1 ounce. Notes and debit cards (no more USURY based credit cards) would be based on the gold and silver coins and would be issued on the same denominational scale as the coins. For now the market would have to determine the relative values of the three metals but once the fiat VENUSIAN dollar falls a stable system of valuation can be built around the actual ammount of each metal actually in curculation as money.

As for the rest of the program it stays the same as first proposed:

1. Jury nullification of anti Bill of Rights laws and copyrights and patents that have expired according to the
Founding Fathers concept of LIMITED TERMS for these as written in the Constitution.

2. Alternative Energy program based on making “green” alternatives like Solar, Wind, Water, etc. more efficient
practical and portable.

3. Alternatives for traditional firearm ammunition and or firearms per se in the gun and defense area.

More later.


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One Response to “A Revision of my Alternate Currency Plan, We Have to Obey the 1611 King James Bible in This Matter Folks”

  1. reynaldsflores26 Says:

    Of course, there is no substitute for the bible, it seems you are running a cult if you are not obeying a bible.

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