The Barack Obama “Change” Symbol, Jesuitism, Fascism and Witchcraft

This article is for simultanious publication in the Patriot City Blog and The Unhived Mind Forum:

The Barack Obama “Change” Symbol, Jesuitism, Fascism and Witchcraft

Probably everybody looking at either of the sites this article is posted on will be familiar with the symbol above by now. It has been a CONSTANT feature of the Barack Obama presidential campaign since its first win in the Iowa Caucuses. However most know about as much about this mysterious symbol as they do about Obama himself. All we ever hear about it is that it stands for “change” and “hope” much as the candidate that uses it says about himself. The question becomes then WHAT kind of “change” and WHAT kind of hope is he talking about??? What little we know about Barack Obama would indicate that the kinf of “hope” and “change” he intends for America would be a real shocker even for a lot of those voting for him. SO many things about the man are questionable at best and treasonous at worst these being his actual national origin, his actual parents. his assocaitions and several poicies he has “flip-floped” on probably the most important being the Second Amendment and gun rights because of the direct tie between these issues and STATE MASS MURDER of either the GENOCIDAL or DEMOCIDAL type.

However in studying the “CHANGE” SYMBOL and its real meanings we will get a much closer look at the REAL Barack Obama as president when he had it created. Basically the symbol stands for BLUE or LIBERAL/SOCIALIST rule over the 14th Amendment Empire (Repressented by the BLUE bow forming the top of the symbol and the red and white stripes at the bottom of it. The blue bow may also represent the ISLAMIC CRESCENT in a sneaky manner. But the deeper kind of study of this symbol along the lines craig-oxley of The Unhived Mind is usually associated with reveals there is more to this thing than just a win for a bad political philosophy. First take the white center of this symbol. In this original version of it the center RADIATES, it obviously represents a RISING SUN, The sun has three associations with the bad side of the Spirit world or WITCHCRAFT. The first is as a symbol of TAMMUZ the ANTICHRIST or FALSE MESSIAH. When RISING as it does in the symbol it represents TAMMUZ rising on ISHTAR/ASTARTE/VENUS/EASTER SUNday, Obama has always pushed himself as a Messianic type and this central part of the “Change” Symbol clearly ties him to the MOTHER and SON/SUN story of the FALSE MESSIAH, TAMMUZ.

As we have seen in my previous simultaniously posted article the Obama “Change Symbol” also has a strong resemblence to the symbol of a now defunct organization called the Kibbo Kift which broke away from the British Boy Scouts when the Scouts’ founder, Lord Robert Baden Powel BOOTED the Kibbo Kift founder John Hargrave from his organization as a Far Left LOON and over time rebooted itself into a FASCIST organization first called the Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit and later the Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We also learned how the two Social Credit FASCIST reboots of the Kibbo Kift were active mainly in the ROMAN CATHOLIC areas of the nations it wished to take over.

We go through all this previously covered territory mainly to show another connection between these two symbols (That of the Kibbo Kift and the Obama “Change” Symbol). That is that the RISING SUN portion of the Obama “Change” Symbol and the Campfire portion of the Kibbo Kift symbol both are references to TAMMUZ and also represent the central doctrine of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. This is the doctrine of the “Transubstantiation” where the “host” or communion wafer, essentially a small round unsalted and unleavened CRACKER becomes the body, blood and even the DIVINITY of Jesus Christ (actually TAMMUZ, the FALSE JESUS) and hence GOD when the Priest, usually a JESUIT these days says a special invocational prayer called the MASS while raising it over his head. In fact this WONDER CRACKER that becomes “GOD” (actually TAMMUZ) when the MASS is pronounced is the symbol of the JESUIT ORDER itself. This means that Barack Obama and the Kibbo Kift/Social Credit Fascist movement were/are BOTH using a symbol of the FALSE BABYLON/ROMAN CHRIST, TAMMUZ and of the treasonous and genocidal JESUIT ORDER in their main symbols.

More on this later with a specail duo website article to be posted if my guess is right and Obama wins the election.


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10 Responses to “The Barack Obama “Change” Symbol, Jesuitism, Fascism and Witchcraft”

  1. Marshal W Earp Says:

    I want to assure Jim that when I refer to Social Credit as Fascist I’m refering to these spacific movements:

    The Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit
    The Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Both of these were essentially reboots of John Hargrave’s Kibbo Kift organization
    and featured the well known elements and trappings of Fascism:

    Paramiliatry political uniforms
    Autocratic rule by John Hargrave
    Arcane, Occult and Roman Catholic symbology.

    I also consider the late Huey P. Long’s “Share Our Wealth” movement and Barack Obama’s “middle class tax cut” to also be based on the “national dividend” idea from the Social Credit movement even though these use progressive taxation on “the rich” rather than Fiat Money to get the money for it. I also consider these to be Fascist based on the tendency of some of their followers to wear political uniforms and the Autocratic control of them by their leaders.

  2. ngoldfarb Says:



  3. nate smith Says:

    To the writer of this article, drop me an email. I’m a truth sEeking bible believing guy wanting to know what you know about the whole tammuz story…

  4. Kawa Says:

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