Obama Campaign for Change, A revival of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit/Internationalist FASCISM of obscure Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave

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Obama Campaign for Change, A revival of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit/Internationalist FASCISM
of obscure Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave

From the first time I started studying it started seeing things form the Obama Campaign for Change that just simply didn’t add up for a typical Dem campaign. Probably the most important of these was the obvious replacement of the Democratic Donkey symbol which the party held for over a hundred years with this obviously “New Agey” neo pagan and FASCIST like symbol.

Obama Campaign for Change logo

When I very first saw this symbol the first thing that popped in to my mind (Having been a Scout when I was a kid
and being familiar with New Age and Roman/Fascist symbology) was that this was a cross between a Boy Scout Merit Badge and a “New Agey” version of a swastika free FASCIST symbol for uniform armbands. This symbol combined with the “Obama Kids” videos on You tube where children from Venice California are singing in what essentially are low budget POLITICAL UNIFORMS got me thinking that some type of the old uniformed FASCIST movements responsible for World War II and the Holocaust was being revived around the presonality cult of Barack Obama. The only question remaining to be answered was ecactly which of the 1930s vintage fascist parties was the one being revived by Obama and his Far Left LOON cultists.

There were generally three types of uniformed Fascist type parties during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The first was Hitler’s National Socialism. It was obvious that Obama could not be duplicating this because of its obviously anti Black as well as anti-Semitic racial nature. The second was the Musselini Italian model which was also practiced in Argentina under the name Paronism after its founder Juan Paron and in Brazil under the name Intigrationism. The Italian model was ruled out because it mantained a greater friendlieness with Banks and corporate CEOs than I thought Obama was VISIBLY into. That left the third and rather obscure Fascist Socialist brand, the Green Shirt/Social Credit Party of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave from England. This movement is so obscure that a little bit of its history is on order before we delve into the evidence that Obama is reviving it in America under his Campaign for Change logo/BLUE shirt movement. (for those unfamiliar with this blue is supposed to be the color of an American State that habitually leans Left or Democratic/Campaign for Change in general elections, Blue Shirt comes from the afore mentioned You Tube video as well as the “suggestion” from some Obama supporters that the whole of the Campaign for Change membership and suporters should identify themselves by wearing blue).

History of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit Movement in Great Britain:

Kibbo Kift Symbol and Social Credit Fascist Banner

Ironically to find the origin of the Social Credit brand of Fascism/Socialism we have to go back to the Origin of the youth group in the world that most represents Conservatism, Patriotism and family values, The Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts were founded by a retired British General who was a Second Boer War Hero named Baden Powel. As the actual founder of the Organization Baden Powel was largely in charge of promoting Scouting and setting up its various rank and merit (proficiency) badges and other awards and another very important (at least to our story here) early adult Scout leader John Hargrave, One Worlder, Quaker and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, was largely in charge of setting up Scouting’s outdoor camping and “woodcraft” programs. However especially after World War I Hargrave began to have increasingly serious dissagreements with Powel over subjects like adding Rifle shooting to the Scout proficency/merit badge program and other aspects of the whole movement that he considered to oriented toward a “militarist” patriotic nationalism rather than the One Worldism Hargrave thought it should espouse. (That Hargrave did not level the same attacks on archery even though the bow and arrow has also been a deadly weapon of war for thousands of years before the gun was ever even heard of should show that Hargrave’s “pacifist” leanings were simply support for One World Government and nothing more.)

John Hargrave as Kibbo Kift Headmaster

These dissagreements eventually caused Baden Powell to expell John Hargrave, the Scoutmasters that agreed with him and their troops from Scouting and these formed their own youth, woodcraft group along One World Neo Pagan lines called the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift or simply Kibbo Kift. Hargrave knew that a One World state would have to be based on some kind of Socialism so be bagan to look to which one best suited his organization which was intended to become a uniformed Freemason like Lodge for adults as well as a woodcraft organization for children. Eventually in the late 1920s he settled on the Social Credit system for being the political ideology of the Kibbo Kift after Hargrave’s extensive studies of the Social Credit system from its founder C.H. (Clifforf Hugh) Douglas.

When the Kibbo Kift adopted the Social Credit model of Fascism it alos adopted the militarism that John Hargrave claimed to detest in the Bou Scouts when he was one of their chief commissioners. Examples of this above include Hargrave in the Social Credit Fascist uniform, The Militaristic magazine of the Kibbo Kift when it rebooted as the Social Credit Movement/Party and one of their “hunger marches”.

For those who aren’t in the know about the subject of Social Credit it is a method of Socialist wealth re-distribution through “scientific” manupulation of the money supply rather than direct confiscatory taxation or property nationalization/confiscation. Basically if say the United States were to adopt Social Credit the Federal Reserve would be retained but Nationalized to produce paper money and token coinage just as it does now but according to a “scientific” formula where the money supply would match new goods and services being put up for sale thus supposedly “scientifically” stablizing prices and any new money resulting would be distributed to the citizenry in general as a “national dividend” from the Fed. Barack Obama sleightly changed this system to use the Income Tax system for Social Credit style re-distributions disguised as a “middle class tax cut” but this “middle class tax cut” goes largely to people who don’t pay Income Tax and thus actually functions as a Social Credit style “National Dividend” in Obama’s modified versian of the Douglas/Hargrave system.

As soon as the Kibbo Kift became less of a woodcraft based youth organization and more of a political “New Agey” organization the Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors began to descend on it like vultures including Herbert George (H G) Wells of Fabian Socialism and Science Fiction fame, Julian Huxly the then current promoter of the faith of EVILution and original model for the Neocon warmonger in the Arab nations D H Lawrence all of whom were supporters if not actual secret members of the Kibbo Kift. The Kibbo Kift at this stage never saw more than about 100 members either youth or adult but its influence of the so called “Intellectual Elite” (read Socialist Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors) was out of all proportion to that small membership. Furthermore the Kibbo Kift, especially on the adult side began to take on the very militaristic trappings that Hargrave claimed to hate when he was with the Boy Scouts.

As the Kibbo Kift became increasingly more militaristic and political around the goals of Social Credit Fascism and One Worldism its earlier occult inspired uniforms were despensed with for more modern Fascist/Militarist style ones consisting of a green military style shirt, brown pants or shorts (shorts mainly for boys) or skirts (for girls and women) and a green baret cap. Also the camping and woodcraft programs were dropped from and the Kibbo Kift was rebooted into an entirely political organization called The Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit. The reboot was essentially complete in 1931. At this stage most of the camping related elements of the organization’s logo also dissapeared except for the old Kibbo Kift uniform symbol and the letter K in the shape of the blade of a warded lock key which became the equivalant of the Swastaka for the movement and an important part of their banners and uniform badges. At this stage of their development the activities of the newly minted Green Shirts were staging hunger marches mainly in the ROMAN CATHOLIC areas of British cities which brought even more Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors into the movement. These hunger marches made the Green Shirts more popular than their old Kibbo Kift identity ever was and their ranks swelled to over a thousand members. The usual Green Shirt hunger march consisted of uniformed members banging on military snare drums and carrying the Keyed K banner or banners with slogans of the social credit philosophy on them with children included to represent those who would benefit most from Social Credit supposidly.

Hargrave took a short break from organizing the Green Shirt hunger marches around 1934 to help the more
“civilian” Social Credit Party of Alberta with its program of “monetary reform” (read wealth redistribution through the money supply). However when this failed due to a Canadian Court descision saying in affect that a single province could not redistribute its wealth through manipulation of a NATIONAL money supply Hargrave returned to England to again reboot and re brand the Green Shirts, this time as a full fledged political party that would run “civilian” (non uniformed) candidates for Parlement and also continue the uniformed hunger marches. The new Name for the organization in this iteration would be the Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Appearantly the British were not buying the fascist tactics from ANYONE because both an Italian model Fascist party calling itself the British Union of Fascists and the Social Credit Party scored poorly in their first British elections to the tune of the low 100s in votes.

Both of these parties basically ended their existence in the wave of violence that surrounded the “Abdication Crisis” in 1936 when Edward VIII was in effect demoted to Duke of Windsor for marrying an American Devorcee. The Italian Style Fascists used the “Abdication Crisis” to both attempt to seize power in Great Britain and eliminate their main competition on the Socialist “right”, the Social Credit Party. (One must remember on the false political spectrum that the Jesuits and the Illuminati present to us all forms of Totalitarian Communist style Socialism ane on the “left” all forms of Totalitarian Fascism are and Democratic Fascism or Corporatism (the NeoCon system) on the “right” and Fabian or Democratic Socialism represents the middle making the ENTIRE SPECTRUM SOCIAlIST!!! The TRUE political spectrum has Anarcho Capitalism, Libertarianism and Constitutional Republicanism on the RIGHT and Anarcho Socialism, Democratic Fascism or Corporatist Socialism (the NeoCon system), Fabian or Democratic Socialism, Totalitarian Fascist Socialism and Totalitarian Communist Socialism on the LEFT.) This violence led to the passage and enactment of the Public Order Act of 1937 that essentially outlawed uniformed political parties and marches in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This act also esentially ends the history of the Kibbo Kift in any form thereafter at least as far as Great Brirain and Northern Ireland are concerned.

Huey P Long and Barack Obama as a Revivers of an American
Kibbo Kift Style Fascist Socialist Movement:

Obama Campaign for Change and Kibbo Kift symbols, Notice the similaritues.

Now with this history in mind we can start looking at some of the policies of Barack Obama to see if they match up with the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt movement.

To see if Obama is reviving the Kibbo Kift program we will look at the main political policies of the Kibbo Kift Covenant, (Which started out as the Kibbo Kift’s version of the Boy Scout / Girl Guide Law when the Kibbo Kift was a woodcraft youth organization but like the rest of the organization got increasingly political with time.) to see if that covenent matches Barack Obama’s policies and if so by how much. (Barack Obama as an American “liberal” is certainly going to modify that mainly British oriented covenant to some extent to match his American “liberal” views and the more modern times his version of the movement exists in.)

The Kibbo Kift Covenant

* Open Air Education for the Children. Camp Training and Naturecraft.
* Health of Body, Mind and Spirit.
* Craft Training Groups and Craft Guilds.
* The Woodcraft Family, or Roof Tree.
* Local Folk Moots and Cultural Development.
* Disarmament of Nations – Brotherhood of Man.
* International Education based on these points.
o Freedom of Trade between Nations.                                                             o Stabilisation of the Purchasing Power of Money in all countries.
o Open Negotiations instead of secret treaties and diplomacy.
o A World Council.

John Hargrave/White Fox

Disarmament of Nations:

This was for all intents and purposes the second major goal of the Kibbo Kift Covenant after Social Credit Fascism. Barack Obama supports this Kibbo Kift goal through weakening the united states military and preventing a credible civilian defense force to replace it through the true reading of the Second Amendment
“militia Clause” (The reading that states the idea that the militia is the armed civilian population and not any form of a “standing army” such as the regular armed forces, the National Guard, etc.)

In fact the most important part of making a nation defensless against the potentially GENOCIDAL policies of a Hargravian “World Council” is to disarm the genuine militia, the CIVILIAN population of that nation. Obama would do this in two ways aimed at getting around the second caluse of the Second Amendment (The INDIVIDYAL right clause of it). The first would be through LOCAL gun laws similar to the infamous New York City Sullivan Law which allow for the DISCRETIONARY licensing of firearms possession and ownership. Such DISRCRETIONARY Licensing would allow for gun bans within the parammiters of the Second Amendment Individual rights clause defined by the recent Heller vs Washinton DC Supreme Court decision.

The other track Obama intends to use to acheave the Hargravian disarmament of the civilian population of America would be to REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT through the constitutional clause that makes INTERNATIONAL TREATIES equual or SUPERIOR to the Constitution when ratified. This was clearly shown in a “Global Poverty”
Act” Obama recently authored that would also have committed the United States to the BANNING of “Small Arms and light weapons” (read TOTAL “gun control”) and ratifying the United Nations International Criminal Court treaty. If that law would have passed by a TWO THIRDS majority of the Senate (required for Treaty rativications to be equal to the Constitution) it is highly possible that people defending their Second Amendment rights by not turning in their firearms could been tried by the Hargravian “World Council” known as the World Court of Justice in the Hague rather than in American courts.

All and all with this evidence it can be clearly shown that Barack Obama enthusiastically supports the “Disarmament of Nations” clause of the Kibbo Kift Covenant all the way down to the CIVILIAN LEVEL.

Now the final issue here is why do Socialists, Communists, Fascist and Jesuit Coadjutors of any political stripe constantly push for this “gun control” and disarmament. It is simple, for DEMOCIDE (State mass murder in general) and GENOCIDE (State mass murder of a particular ethnic, racial or religious group). There is one simple fact of history and that is that in any form no matter how democratic, authoritarian or totalitarian SOCIALISM ALWAYS FAILS!!! The symptoms of this failuer ar a gradually lowered production of even the neccisities of life as Socialist regulation, taxation and finally regimentation of the means of production increases. Eventually a socialist government has to go through three phases to keep its power going in the face of their perpetually failing system. The first phase is the taxation phase where tax rates on virtually all the taxes move up into the high double didghets of 80 or 90 per cent. The second phase is the printing phase where money is issued in unstainable amounts to keep the state in power once everything it can get through taxation has been extracted and spent. The third phase is the KILLING phase (Zimbabwe is now in transition between the Printing and Killing phases) where the population has to be reduced to reduce the demand for Socialist government services and the basic neccissities of life. This can take the form of a DEMOCIDE (general state mass murder) or a GENOCIDE (state mass murder of state targeted ethnic, religious and racial groups). Many Socialists are saying that Capitalism always fails too because of the current economic mess but the problem with their theory is that WE DO NOT HAVE REAL CAPITALISM IN THE SO CALLED CAPITALIST COUNTRIES which is based in competition between private businesses, honest metal based money and copyrights and patents STRICTLY limited to allow for that competition. What we have is yet another form of SOCIALISM I call democratic Fascism where the state is married to “public” corporations protected from competition by virtually perminent copyrights, patents where patents have no business being (software, genetic and business model patents as a forinstance) and other corporation protecting regulation and a “social safety net” like Social Security and Medicare supplied to everyone else so that they can hopefully afford the proces that this kind of fascist socialism brings about.

So FORGET the idea that “gun control” is to end crime and that the disarmament of nations is to “end war” disarmament has NEVER ended violence and never will. It is only to ease the THIRD PHASE OF SOCIALISM, THE KILLING PHASE for Socialist states that KNOW they are going to fail BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS DO.

Stabilisation of the Purchasing Power of Money in all countries.

This was to be done not through honest money based on gold, silver or some other monetary metal under the Kibbo Kidt Covenant but through the system of Social Credit Fascism in some form. The theory of Social Credit was the main doctrine that the Kibbo Kift promoted as it moved gradually away from woodcraft and toward Fascist style political activism. Basically this doctrine of social credit involved progressive taxation and redistribution of wealth directly through the money supply rather than through confiscatory revenue services. The idea behind the Social Credit theory was that prices could be kept stable by printing exactly enough money to cover any new production in the economy in a fiat Central Banking based system where the state would run the Central bank directly rather than outsourcing it to private bankers as is the case now. Wealth redistribution would occur by handing this extra money out to people by way of a local National Credit Office that would be in effect a local branch of the state run central Central Bank. This theory of “monetary reform” first proposed seriously by C.H. (Clifforf Hugh) Douglas like most Socialist panaceias was held to be the one size fits all answer to the problems of unemployment, hunger and private banking manipulation of the money supply by John Hargrave and many other Fascist leaning Socialists and an overiding obessession even above One World Government and disarmament to Hargrave himself. The truth about Social Credit however is that it is just another fiat Venusian money ponzi game that would have ultimately been controlled by the same banking “experts” (The Jesuits and the Illuminati) that always controlled Central banking. It also would have like all forms of Fascist of Communist style Socialism provided a lot of opperunities for torture, violence and mass depopulation as it was found out the economy simply doesn’t respond as Socialists believe it should to their ponzi schemes and the inevitable hyper inflationary or deflationary depression.

Now where does all this Social Credit business fit in with Barack Obama, To find the answer to this question we have to look at the time when the Social Credit/Fascist movement came to the Americas. Once there the movement split into three distinct branches. The first branch was Brazilian Intigrationism that combined traditional Italian Fascist ideas with British Social Credit Fascist ones. The second branch was Canadian Social Credit which was pretty much like his British Hargrave antecedent but with out the militaristic trappings and uniformed parading members. The third was Corrupt fascist near dictator of Louisiania, Huey P. Long’s “Share Our Wealth” movement in the United States. While the Huey P. Long branch of the Social Credit Fascist movement believed in the Social Credit philisophy of paying a “national dividend” to all Americans and “stablizing prices” through government money manipulation to “spread the wealth around” as our leading modern Social Creditor Barack Obama would say today these would be done through the IRS Taxation system under Long’s system rather than through the printing press as in the Hargrave and Canadian systems. It is the contention of this article that Barack Obama is reviving the Huey P. Long “Share Our Wealth” branch of SOCIAL CREDIT FASCISM in the United States through his so called “middle class tax cut” which you will see is very Dugalsian and Hardgravian and Huey P. Lingian in design. Basically his proposal is to take the capital of the PRODUCERS through heavy INCOME taxes and give it to the All “working” Americans as a “tax credit”. In fact this “tax credit” is more like the NATIONAL DIVIDEND of the Douglas/Hargrave/Long Social Credit scheme than a genuine tax cut or credit. The Kibbo Kift philosophy behind Dougals/Hargrave/Long Social Credit Fascism and Obama’s “middle class tax cut” is virtually the SAME.

Huey P. Long the corrupt Fascist near dicator of the State of Louisiana in the United States of the 1920s and 1930s Founded a Revision of the Douglas/Hargrave Social Credit fascist system called “Share Our Wealth” that was based on Heavily “progressive” Taxation to get the money for “National Dividends” for all Americans rather than the printing press which was the method that Douglas and Hargrave prefered.

This Huey P. Long version of Social Credit Fascism is the version that Barack Obama is using to “spread the wealth around” through his PHONY “middle class tax cut” which is actually the Social Credit FASCIST “National Dividend” in disguise.
All and all I would venture to say that Obama’s “middle class tax cut” was more influenced by economic clauses of the Kibbo Kift covanent of John Hargrave than any desire to actually cut taxes which Obama in what little record he has has constantly supported RAISING on EVERYBODY.

World Council:

John Hargrave’s third political goal was to put all nations under a One World Governemnt that he called a World Council in the Kibbo Kift Covenant. Would Obama do this. If we take a good look at his Recently authored “Global Poverty Act” the answer becomes a solid YES!!!

Obama’s Global Poverty Act woulf have essentially done the fololowing things by implimenting a Treaty called the United Nations Millenium Development Declaration that would:

Impose a GLOBAL TAX of Seven Percent on the People of the United States thinly disguised as “more Foreigh aid” (which will probably inflate like a baloon just like all taxes).

REPEAL the Second Amendment by commiting the United States to “banning small arms and light weapons” (Read TOTAL “GUN CONTROL” for this one. See the section on the Kibbo Kift “Disarmament of Nations Clause”.)

Ratify the following treaties:

United Nations International Criminal Court Treaty

United Nations Convention on Biodivirsity

United NAtions Convention on The Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women
(This one Is a real laugh riot coming from mainly MUSLEM and CATHOLOC nations where
most of the discrimination against women is still going on.)

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
(Basically frees children from ALL Parental discipline.)

The Kyoto “Global Warming” Treaty

Furthermore the Obama Global Poverty Act would have committed the United States to this clause of the United Nations Millenium Declaration as well:

The Millennium Declaration also affirms the U.N. as “the indispensable common house of the entire human family, through which we will seek to realize our universal aspirations for peace, cooperation and development.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

How much more HARD EVIDENCE do you need folks. It is a definite goal of any Obama administration to implement at least three of the MOST DANGEROUS clauses in the Kibbo Kift/GreenShirt/Social Credit
FASCIST order on the United States, those being the Disarmament of Nations, the Huey P Long modified form of the Social Credit FASCIST system and the imposition of a One World Government or WORLD COUNCIL actually controlled By The Roman Hierarchy and their Papal Knights and Jesuit Order upon us.


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51 Responses to “Obama Campaign for Change, A revival of the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit/Internationalist FASCISM of obscure Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor John Hargrave”

  1. Jim Says:

    Social Credit is not fascist, and Social Crediters do not advocate a “one world government”. Quite the opposite in fact.

    If anyone is interested in Social Credit, they can click my name to find links and essays at my blog, or they can read the article at Wikipedia:


  2. Marshal W Earp Says:

    I’m sorry but John Hargrave did advocate One World Government or a World Council as he called it from the time he was booted from the leadership of the British Boy Scout Association. It is Hargrave’s and Huey P. Long’s modified versions of the Social Credit movement that are being talked about here.

  3. Marshal W Earp Says:

    Another fact about this is that John Hargrave did add Fascist style trappings to his version of the Social Credit Movement which included:

    One man autocratic rule (Hargrave was that one man).

    Militaristic political uniforms (until they were banned by the Public Order Act of 1937 in Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

    Arcane occult/catholic symbols on banners and uniform patches (the most popular was the double mirror look K modified to look like the blades of warded lock or “skeleton” keys a double warded lock or “skeleton” keys is also one of the symbols of the PAPACY. John Hargrave’s version of the Social Credit movement was particularly active in ROMAN CATHOLIC districts of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

  4. aislinn Says:

    dont know how i found this but you are WWWWAAAAAYYYYY out in left field.

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    well.. it’s like I knew!

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  7. Larry Says:

    The similarities between the Obama logo and Kibbo Kift symbol are that they’re circular (which a lot of logos are) and the vaguely outdoors themes (road/fields, campfire/tree). Nothing else.

    The Kibbo Kift was not a political movement in itself: it was about re-establishing a spiritual and physical relationship with nature as an extension of the aims of Social Credit, which revolved around restoring the imbalances inherent in the value of work vs the cost of labour and price of goods vs wages, overproduction leading to (trade) war, debt-based economy, banking as a form of quasi-government, etc.

    Fascism is/was about consolidating power: political (government), economic (banking/finance/industry) and religious (churches). Social Credit is not fascism, if only because it was not intended to consolidate any of these – indeed, Douglas believed the movement should not have been a political party; there was no overt religious component to it and it was not interested in engaging with the economic system as it then existed but in a truer, more accurate reward for work, moving towards less work, less production, less debt, less control by banks over the economy, government and life in general, in order that man might be free to develop his full potential.

    Whatever criticism one might have of Social Credit as a philosophy cannot be blamed on the Kibbo Kift and what it originally represented. By aligning it with a political movement, the KK became subject to the ban on political uniforms, which was instituted to counteract actual fascist movements. That is what spelled the end of the greenshirts.

  8. Marshal W. Earp Says:

    I have studied the issues concerning Social Credit and the “Green Shirts”
    better than I did at the time I originally wrote this article and therby repudiate most of it. I am still strictly Pro Second Amendment and anti one worldism and would continue to strongly dissagree with Hardgrave in those areas (world disarmament probably including world “gun control” and the “world council” idea). I continue to hold these views based on the Georgia Guidestones placed in Georgia by modern One Worlders that would seem to suggest a super Holocaust and eugenics program if they are allowed to rule. While I’m not pushing Anti Catholicism as strongly as I did here I still believe the Jesuits are a part of what’s behinf the One World COnspiracy. However I do not believe that it is limited to any one race or religion like Craig Oxley and the Anti Semites seem to believe.

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  14. Bill Krouwel Says:

    You ignorant twit. Do you not realise that DH Lawrence was the author of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, not the liberator of Arabia from Turkish rule (that was T. E. Lawrence).

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