Anti Barack Obama You Tubes

These are some of my favorite Anti Obama You Tube videos.

Glenn Beck may be one of those Coadjutors (most people on the Tell-A-Lie Vision are) but I think this video of his is the best Anti Obama vodeo on you tube. It uses a parody of the old Soviet National Anthem to highlight the various gaffes of Obama and his wife sich as his candidacy being the first time his wife was proud of this country, and the one about rural people clinging to guns and religion. THis is done in a very ominous and scary way that really shows what his Presidency may be like. In other words be ready too hear this at nedt years Super Bowl and World Series in place of the Star Spangled Banner when he is elected folks. (Actually I dont think Beck likes McCain either one of the cartoons at the end of this shows McCain’s infamous temper.)

This one was actually intended as a PRO Obama video by the Far Left LOON public (government) school music teacher and the Tell-A-Lie Vision crew from the NBC network that created it. However its Hitler youth look actually turned it into a very effective ANTI Obama video. This video was in fact the inspiration for digging into the Kibbo Kift/Green Shirt/Social Credit Fascist movement in Great Britain and the corrupt Luisania Governor Huey P. Long who I think are the sources of Many of Obama’s totalitarian programs.

While this one is the pre intermission Hitler Youth scene from the movie Cabaret it also provoked a lot of Anti Onama discussion largely because of the video above.

This one mixes scenes from the pre intermission Hitler Youth scene of Cabaret with the “Obama Kids” video in order to Attack Obama.

This one uses a genuine Hitler Youth scene from the propaganda movie Triumph of the Will mixed with the Obama Kids video for the same purpose od exposing Obama’s socialism as a type of fascism.

This post is a work in progress, More Anti Obama You Tubes later.

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