Barack Obama, the UNFIT President

This blog was set up when it became obvious that Barack Obama was about to become the American President.

It is the contention of this blog that this man should not be President but then again neither should John McCain or any other New World Order Advocate who can’t keep his oath to Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States and Protect it from all enemies Foreign and DOMESTIC. Therefore the first post of this blog will go into the reasons I Feel Obama is a particular threat to the American Nation.

First there are Obama’s associations with an assortment of Dangerous Far Left LOONs, these include William Ayers the Weather Underground terrorist, Reverend Jeremiah Wright a “Black Liberation” phony protestant who in all likelyhood is probably a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and his Roman associate Father Michael Pfleger who just might be one of the deadliest of the true ruling class of the New World Order a Jesuit of the FOURTH VOW. (Pfleger s actual order is unknown to be but I do know that the Jesuits in public tend to produce some of the WORST Far Left LOONs on this planet and Pfleger certainly matches this reputation.)

To understand what We’re talking about here we have to break the Jesuits into two parts just like we have to do with Freemasonry or any other part of the NWO that has a public and a secret face. Most Jesuits never advance in their order beyond their three basic vows that are common to all Roman orders, Poverty, Celibacy or Chastity and Obedience to their superiors in the order and the Roman Hierarchy. The Jesuits from which their Superior General comes from however also take a secret Fourth Vow to Conspiratorially support elevation the Pope back into “TEMPORAL AUTHORITY” over the whole earth (This is what the New World Order is REALLY all about folks.) by any means necessary EVEN MURDER. to have a FOURTH VOW JESUIT as close to the Presidency as Father Phleger and Barack Obama would be a disaster for those wanting to return the 14th Amendment Empire to a pre 14th Amendment Constitutional Republic.

Another thing wrong with Barack Obama is the probable source of his so called “middle class tax cut”. After considerable research I believe that this plan came is a modification of a plan that came from a British Fascist organization called the Green Shirt/Social Credit party of Great Britain And Northern Ireland. This party was basically a reboot of a British “woodcraft” organization called the Kibbo Kift. The Kibbo Kift was basically a group of Far Left LOONs that got booted from Lord Baden Powel’s British Boy Scout and Girl Guide organizations for dissagreements with those organization’s “military” and conservative aproach to woodcraft and youth training.

These Far Left LOONs under the leadership of the LOONiest of the bunch, who was named John Hargrave, (The Chief Commissioner for all Scouting woodcraft activities before he was booted out of that organization) formed their organization around a mixture of Scout type youth training and woodcraft with a particular brand of Fascist economic philosophy called “Social Credit”. Social Credit theory stated that prices could be kept stable and wealth re-distributed if fiat printing press money were used on a scientific basis so that the supply of money exactly matched the monetary value of production in the economy.  Wealth redistribution would come about through a “national dividend” payed to everyone in the nation through this “scientific” introduction of fiat printing press money into the economy. Like with all Fascist systems a uniformed political party would oversee the Social Credit system and make sure that the amount of Fiat Money always matched the GNP exactly and the “National Dividend” would be paid by FORCE in necessary. That Uniformed party would be the adults of the Kibbo Kift now essentially rebooted, first as the “Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit” and then Finally the Social Credit Party of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.

When the Social Credit form of Fascism reached the North American continent it split into two distinct forms. The Canadian form was much like the British Hargrave form but with “civilian” style political parties rather than uniformed ones proposing it. The form of Social Credit that emerged in the American nation was called the “Share our Wealth” program and it was the brainchild of the corrupt virtual fascist dictator of Louisiana in the 1920s and 30s, Huey P Long. Long proposed that the “national dividend” of Social Credit Fascism should come from a national “assets tax” on fortunes over a million dollars rather than from the printing press as the British/Canadian form proposed. Barack Obama as president will bring us this Huey Long form of Social Credit FASCIST economics disguised as a “middle class tax cut” in his taxation plan as President.

And if that were not enough Obama is also secretly promoting the Fascist idea of private “civilian” armies first brought about in the 20th century with the Hitler Youth and the NAZI SS. True to the Kibbo Kift origins of Barack Obama’s Social Credit ideas this new boosting of AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps will largely be involved in “woodcraft” and welfare based “national service” for now. However the Hitler Youth were involved in simple “national service” before Hitler obtained ALL THE POWER over the German nation. they became actual CHILD SOLDIERS and SPIES on their OWN PARENTS after Hitler got that power. One of the most unsettling aspects of an Obama presidency mixed with this AmeriCorps/Kibbo Kift/Obama Youth business is that not only will Obama probably win the Presidency but his party will probably win a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and enlarge its majority in the house of representitives as well. Furthermore it is possible that Obama may get enough Supreme Court Justice nominations to turn the court from its current center right position to a new hard Left Totalitarian position. This will destroy virtually ALL of the checks and balances that the Founding Fathers intended for our nations governing system but one, the JURY box. Obama could well be the second dedicated FASCIST with all of the power, just like HITLER in modern world history.

However the main danger form gun control will NOT come from a changed hard Left supreme court under Barack Obama, he is NOT going to wait that long for his civil disarmament plans. Rather he is going to try for a REPEAL of the Second Amendment by the INTERNATIONAL TREATY route. The treaty being used for this is essentially a multi treaty package called the United Nations Millennial Declaration, Even before he became president Obama managed to get a part of this treaty passed nearly into law under a bill called the “Global Poverty Act”. This act essentially commits Americans into forking over seven percent of their Gross National Product into massive foreign aid essentially aimed at implementing the UN Millennial Declaration under the guise of fighting global poverty which amongst other things would

Commit all signatory nations to a BAN on not just handguns and “assault weapons”, but ALL small arms and “light weapons”. Even air soft guns. standard pellet guns and the BOW AND ARROW could conceivably be banned under this clause of the UN Millennial Declaration. Essentially to ratify the entirety of the UN Millennial Declaration (which Obama’s Global Poverty Act does NOT do yet fortunately) would repeal the second amendment. However I believe that it is a President Obama’s goal to get a filibuster proof Senate of Far Left LOONs, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors, Papal Knights and hereditary Illuminati to ratify the ENTIRE United Nations Millennial Declaration and therefore effectively achieve the REPEAL OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT without having to go through the constitutional process to do so.

This is only a small overview of why I don’t thing Barack Obama is fit to be a Constitutional American President and more will be coming up on this blog’s Articles and Comments page soon dealing more spacifically with the subjects posted in this article.

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7 Responses to “Barack Obama, the UNFIT President”

  1. Jim Says:

    “Social Credit theory stated that prices could be kept stable and wealth re-distributed if fiat printing press money were used on a scientific basis so that the supply of money exactly matched the monetary value of production in the economy.”

    This is factually incorrect. Social Credit theory states that prices rise faster than incomes based upon Douglas’s observations through his A+B theorem, and it also states that the real cost of production is consumption.

    Douglas believed that to alleviate this problem money should be distributed (not redistributed as you suggest) by a national credit authority to fill the gap between income and prices.

    If you want an explanation of Social Credit you can look at my blog which also has many links by clicking on my name.

    The article at Wikipedia is also a concise explanation of Social Credit.

  2. Marshal W Earp Says:

    I really wasn’t looking for a concice explanation with too much math here. Just a general discription of the Social Credit PROCESS (ie. what Social Creditors would actually DO which the math and “high finance” talk is often just a cover up for) which I do feel is Fascistic in nature.

  3. Jim Says:

    Hi W Earp:

    You think that giving individuals a dividend and a price rebate with new monies that have not come from the productive system is “fascist”? Social Credit does not believe in the “redistribution” of wealth.

    Anything that Obama has proposed is financed through taxes, and is merely a redistribution of wealth.

    The price rebate and dividend are not financed through taxes, so they do not take anything from anyone, but are additions to everyone’s wealth. And the reason why they are necessary is elaborated in Douglas’s A+B theorem.

  4. Marshal W Earp Says:

    To Jim

    Not so, Social Credit “national dividends” are financed through the introduction of fiat (legal tender by GOVERNMENT FORCE rather than being backed by something of genuine VALUE) currency into the ecomomies involved therby reducing the total currency’s VALUE to the supposed “scientific price” as John Hargrave called it or the “stable price” as Douglas called it. This is still INFLATION and INFLATION of fiat currency is TAXATION. This is the very first thing I learned as a libertartian and paleo-con. The effect of “national dividends” issued either through INFLATION or through direct TAXATION is the SAME. VALUE is re distributed away from some people and given to others.

    And I notice that when you say that Social credit is not FASCIST both here and in your Social Credit blog there is little or no mention of the main target of my use of this word relative to the Social Credit Movement, JOHN HARGRAVE or
    White Fox as he named himself in his little witchcraft/woodcraft/Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor/FASCIST organization, the Kibbo Kift.

    I would really like you to take a look at the site below:

    This site is actually a POSITIVE look at Hargrave and this triple rebooted organization the Kibbo Kift / Green Shirt Movement For Social Credit / Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However any good descerning 1611 King James Reformation Bible Christian and any student of history can see the accuterments and trappings of WITCHCRAFT and JESUITISM/FASCISM throughout this organization’s brief history (from 1922 to 1951).

  5. Jim Says:

    “Not so, Social Credit “national dividends” are financed through the introduction of fiat (legal tender by GOVERNMENT FORCE rather than being backed by something of genuine VALUE) ”

    Absolutely untrue. Social Credit national dividends are financed through the ONLY thing that gives money value, which is the real credit of the community. The real credit of the community is defined as the communities ablility to deliver goods and services, when, and where, they are required.

    Further, Social Credit monetary policies are not inflationary. In fact, they will bring about a reduction in prices through the issuance of a price rebate.

    I refer you to the section on “Critics to the A+B Theorem and Rebuttal” on the Wikipedia article on Social Credit where I address these points.

  6. Marshal W Earp Says:

    Then I guess what you are talking about is something similar to the “Local Currencies” like LETS systems and tihica Hours when you discuss social credit.

    As for me I will stick with the currencies of the 1611 KING JAMES REFORMATION BIBLE, gold silver and copper as being the only genuinely valid tender in the payment of debt. If a social credit system can be divised around those then go ahead. (maybe with copper because there is still enough of that around to make the basis of the “flexable” currency Social Credit requires while still being 1611 King James Reformation Bible valid.

    And by the way, did you take a look at the Site on John Hargrave I pointed you to. Maybe all social credit ideas aren’t fascist but the way this Hargrave presented it in an autocratic, paramilitary style certainly is and he is a part of the history of the Social Credit Movement. I really think you should look into John Hargrave before totally disconnnecting Social Credit with fascism.

  7. Jim Says:

    Social Credit is nothing like LETS or Ithica hours currency. Social Credit is not an alternative currency.

    Money’s value is not determined by its composition. Even in a gold standard, the vast majority of money is bank credit, which is created by banks through loans. The important element of money is based upon credit, which derives from the latin “credere”, which means to have faith in, or to believe in.

    “The best definition of money with which I am acquainted is that of Professor Walker, which is that “money is any medium which has reached such a degree of acceptablility that, no matter what it is made of, and no matter why people want it, no one will refuse it in exchange for his product.” You will see that this definition rules out any physical properties in respect of money. The properties that are left, therefore, are not physical. They can be summed up in the word “credit,” which is, of course, derived from “credere,” to believe. The essential quality of money, therefore, is that a man shall believe that he can get what he wants by the aid of it. This is absolutely the only quality that it is required to possess, although, of course, certain minor attributes, such as convenience, have a bearing on the decision as to what particular description of money, if it fulfils the major requirements, is likely to come into the most general use. The cheque, no doubt, owes its popularity to this latter attribute.” (C.H. Douglas, “Warning Democracy”)

    As far as Hargraves goes, Douglas disowned him, and Douglas IS Social Credit. Social Credit has nothing to do with fascism or communism – it’s quite the opposite.

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